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“Religion occupies the highest seat in the human mind, and sees beneath it the civil matters pertaining to the world; it also ascends by means of them... and from that height it surveys what is natural, as from a tower one surveys the plains below.”   —  True Christian Religion 601

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General Research

Heritage Foundation - A Washington D.C. think tank, which publishes policies and sponsors programs on a variety of topics

Hoover Institute - Based at Stanford University; studies and promotes ideas on a variety of subjects

ISI - Intercollegiate Studies Institute - Especially aimed at college students; promotes ideas of liberty and morality.

Religious Liberties/ First Amendment

Providence Forum - Programs and publications focused on ethics and moral values consistent with the spirit of the nation's founding.

Social/Family Values

Alliance for Marriage - Promotes ideas and legislation that support marriage and the family.

Institute for American Values - Promotes policy debates as a conversation about culture and explorations of the American idea.

Urban Family Council - Philadelphia based organization, promoting pro-family and pro-marriage policies, aimed at the urban environment


Ludwig von Mises Institute - the research and educational center of classical liberalism, libertarian political theory, and the Austrian School of economics

Acton Institute - Publications and programs linking liberty with morality

Cato Institute - Promotes policies and programs on the proper role of government in society.

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