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“Religion occupies the highest seat in the human mind, and sees beneath it the civil matters pertaining to the world; it also ascends by means of them... and from that height it surveys what is natural, as from a tower one surveys the plains below.”   —  True Christian Religion 601

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The purpose of the Cole Foundation is to promote and support research, scholarly studies, and the development of a written philosophy from the teachings of the New Church, regarding the economy, the civil law, the political theory, and the cultural and ethical values applicable thereto.

The Cole Foundation's activities over the past few years include:

Lecture Series Co-sponsored with the Bryn Athyn College of the New Church

The Role of Government in a Free Market Economy, May 13, 2010
Presented by Walter E. Williams, Ph.D., Professor of Economics at George Mason University since 1980, and well known television and radio commentator.
The Discovery of the World - A Korean Perspective, October 2009
Presented by Jong Yil Ra, Ph.D., President of Woosuk University in Korea

Research Grants to Sudents and Scholars

The World Transformed by Michael Hogan, 2006-2007
A New Church Philosophy of Law by Eli Echols, 2002
Religion and Liberty by Michael Hogan, 2002

Symposia on Various Topics

The World Transformed, October 2007
A two-day conference at Bryn Athyn College
Law Symposium, April 2003 (with Bryn Athyn College)
featuring Eli Echols, Erin Glenn, Gary Tennis, Al Lindsay, and Dr. Tom Andrews
Religious Liberty, Fall 2002. (with Bryn Athyn College)
featuring Rev. Walter Orthwein, Michael Hogan, and Rev. Dr. Peter Lillback of The Providence Forum

Educational Programs

Nation-building, March 2004 (with Bryn Athyn College)
Presentation and Panel:
Lt. Col. Greg Rose, Ph.D
Reid Hodgell
Donald C. Fitzpatrick, Jr.
George Washington and Public Virtue, February 2004
Prof. Brian Henderson
Measuring Government Efficiency, November 2003 (with Mercatus Institute)
Hon. Maurice McTigue
Medical Care Reform, February 2003
Dr. James L. Pendleton
Marriage and the Family, February 2002
Dr. Dan and Lisa Synnestvedt
Islam and the Middle East, Fall 2001 (with Bryn Athyn College)
Rev Erik E. Sandstrom, Lt. Col. Greg Rose, Ph.D
Libertarianism and Conservatism, Winter 2001
Panel: Alan Elder, Peter Mergen, and Dr. Reuben Bell

Attendance at Various Programs and Events

Student Model Congress in D.C. 2007, 2008
CPAC conference in Washington, D.C. 2000, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012
Smart Marriages Conference in Denver, CO. June 2007
Ray and Star Silverman
Faith and the Challenge of Secularism at Princeton University, 2003
Union League Club, Philadelphia, 2002
The Politics of Conscience
World Congress on Families
Spirit of Liberty Symposium at University of Pennsylvania

Publication of the Occasional Newsletter by the Foundation: reNEWal

Disbursment of Materials Relevant to the Foundation's Purpose Including:

Studies produced by Universities and Think Tanks